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Silver 32057

Silver 32057

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Maxi-Lock thread is TEX-27, 100% Polyester, and each spool contains 3,000 yards. Maxi-Lock is great value.

Maxi-Lock is designed specifically for sewing on light to medium-weight fabrics so it will quickly become your go-to thread for most projects. And it is exceptionally resistant to harmful UV rays and mildew, plus it will not shrink or break, and you’ll like that. It’s soft and strong, making it perfect for a variety of applications. With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why Maxi-Lock is the industry’s best-selling, most widely used thread.

Because Maxi-Lock thread has ultra-reliable color fastness, strength, sewability and wide color selection, it has become the standard for the world's leading clothing manufacturers. Its fine size is ideal for virtually every material. Although it is made for the overlock/serger, Maxi Lock easily adapts to any machine. Maxi Lock threads are available in 76 colors. Please call us for a free Maxi Lock color chart.

Maxi Lock Serger Thread has enjoyed a reputation for having a beautifully soft finish and yet it is extremely strong and withstands the high speeds and tension of today’s serging machines. Moreover, lint build-up is considerably less than comparable threads. It’s no wonder that serging Machine Manufacturers use Maxi-Lock threads when testing and demonstrating their machines. Maxi-Lock premium-quality 100% polyester threads are manufactured by the American and Efrid company in the United States. Buy with confidence.