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Adhesive Reflective Vinyl

Retroreflective Sheeting


TYPES OF ADHESIVE: Sheeting is pre-coated with PS adhesive that will bond the sheeting to the substrate with the application of pressure only. The pressure can be applied with a hand roller, squeegee, or a roller-applicator. Permanent bonding will not take place until 48 hours after the application. DO NOT ALLOW THE ADHESIVE TO FREEZE DURING THE 48-HOUR CURING PERIOD.

DURABILITY: The most important properties of retroreflective sheeting are reflectivity, color, and durability. Of these, durability may be the most important, so special attention was directed towards the selections and use of raw material and production technology that would render maximum durability. From countless tests conducted, it has been determined that, applied as recommended, Reflective Vinyl can be expected to meet the durability standards given below without any clear coating. Under certain weathering conditions, small hair cracks may appear in the sheeting, but such cracks do not significantly reduce the day or night performance of the signs.

APPLICATION: Pre-coated with an adhesive that will bond the sheeting firmly and permanently to clean and smooth surfaces of tested and approved metal, coated metal, plastic, plywood, etc.

 STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: Must be stored in a cool, dry, and clean area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and storage in excessively humid areas. The shelf life of the sheeting is 12 months after delivery.

 MAINTENANCE: Surfaces covered with dust or small particles of sand should be cleaned with water containing a mild, neutral cleaning solution. To avoid scarring the surface use a soft, clean cloth or sponge when washing and drying. To remove tar and oily substrates, rub lightly with a soft cloth soaked with a mild solvent such as kerosene or turpentine.