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Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl

All sheets come with the transfer paper/tape included!
ALL SHEETS ARE 12" x 12"
Preheat: 2-3 Seconds  * Transfer tape and Teflon sheet suggested * Time: 20-30 seconds  •  Temperature: 320° F/146° C (Temperature may vary with type of heat press.)  •  Pressure: Medium  •  Peel: HOT   * After pressing, we recommend removing the Teflon sheet and rubbing transfer with cloth (caution HOT surface!!!!) before peeling transfer tape.  Peel transfer tape and replace Teflon sheet on transfer. PRESS AGAIN, Time: 15-25 seconds * Temperature:  320
Do not dry clean  •  Machine wash WARM / mild detergent  •  Dry on normal setting  •  No chlorine bleach  •  Wait 24 hours before first wash