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800 Clear-Fuse

800 Clear-Fuse

Wilson's Fabric

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Pellon® 800 Clear-Fuse® is a clear-backed fusible web with a high adhesive strength. It is excellent for use in appliqué, in addition to a range of craft and home decorating projects. Clear-Fuse® will fuse fabric to fabric or any other porous surface such as wood or cardboard. It has excellent bond strength and is great for use with any weight fabric. Clear-Fuse® has no grain and can therefore be applied in any direction. Finished items can be washed and dried according to the fabric care requirements.

  • Clear
  • 100% Polyamide
  • 20″ width
  • Clear-backed fusible web with a high adhesive strength
  • Excellent bond strength 
  • Great for use with any weight fabric. 
  • Launder according to fabric care requirements. 
  • Sewing machine safe.

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