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Lustre (Permanent Matte) Adhesive Vinyl

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Lustre (Permanent Matte) Adhesive Vinyl 

Lustre line of matte adhesive vinyl provide you with a unique metalized look in vibrant colors with a high-end matte finish. These Matte Lustre Films can be easily cut and applied allowing you to turn any flat surface into a work of art.

  • Physical Properties: 3.2 mil calendered heavy metal film with permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Resistance: Resistance to mild alkalies and acids, most petroleum based greases, oils and salt spray.
  • Service Temperature: 60F - 200F
  • Heat Shrinkage (24hr. at 150F): .02
  • Outdoor durability (When properly applied, vertical exposure, non-printed): Up to 5 Years

**All information based on tests believed to be reliable. These values do not constitute guaranty and do not constitute a warranty.**

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